Study and work in Spain: Spanish Overseas Experience

Want to live, work and study in beautiful Spain as part of your studies at AUT? While you’re studying at AUT, you can gain Spanish language skills, intercultural competence and basic language teaching skills with the Spanish Overseas Experience course.

What is the Spanish Overseas Experience?

  • Get paid to teach English in Spain (12-16 hours per week)
  • Programme runs from January to June
  • Counts as two 15-point electives or as work integrated learning*
  • Available in your second or third year of study at AUT
  • Spanish isn’t required but is recommended
  • Delivered in conjunction with the Spanish Ministry of Education

*Depending on the AUT degree you’re studying



What other students say about their time in Spain

"I worked as an English language assistant in Spain from October 2022 to May 2023. I lived on an island called Gran Canaria, away from the mainland, and worked 14 hours a week, giving me lots of free time. Throughout these eight months I was able to meet new friends, experience a new culture, improve my Spanish and travel to incredible places. I think the programme is an amazing opportunity that everyone should take advantage of."
Catherine Yu
Bachelor of Business in Information Systems graduate

“I always look back to my time in Spain with a feeling of nostalgia. It’s a country of rolling plains and lush valleys, of mountains, rivers, and beautiful golden beaches; a place of tapas and cervezas, of cathedrals and museums; a nation of big cities and historic towns. What I loved most about Spain is that you can find the ancient, the medieval and the modern side by side. Spaniards have preserved their rich heritage and culture, while still offering the comforts of a 21st century lifestyle. But most importantly to any Kiwi visiting Spain, know that you’ll be welcomed by a hospitable, friendly and fun people.”
Tariq Shah
Bachelor of Business in Accounting graduate

How to apply

Ready to live and work in Spain while you’re studying at AUT? Find out how to apply for the English Language & Culture Assistants Programme in Spain while studying the AUT course SPAN700 Spanish Overseas Experience online.


Learn Spanish at AUT

Learning Spanish is a great way to prepare yourself for future travel and gain insights into the diversity of Spanish-speaking cultures. Find out more about studying a Spanish minor as part of your AUT degree.


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