Academic transcripts and graduation certificates

The results of your studies are recorded as official academic documents: graduation certificates (parchments or degree certificates) and academic transcripts. These are official proof of your qualification.

Digital documents and using My eQuals

My eQuals is a secure online academic document verification platform that serves more than 50 education providers across New Zealand and Australia including all the major universities.

You can use your My eQuals account to share your academic results online. You choose who to share your documents with, and for how long.

My eQuals user guide

My eQuals website

Signing up to My eQuals

After you graduate – or if you ask the Graduation team for a transcript before you graduate – you’ll get an email from My eQuals containing a link to register your My eQuals account.

The email will be sent to the email address you provided in your Arion/My AUT account – you should log in to check the email address stored in your Arion/My AUT account is still valid.

Graduate Verification Service

The Graduate Verification Service (GVS) helps employers and other third parties verify the qualifications of our graduates. The service is designed to offer real-time verification to speed up the employment process for graduates. This service is offered as part of the My eQuals system that we currently use. The privacy of your data is protected, and verification only occurs if you have provided explicit consent.

Providing consent

When a prospective employer who is also registered with GVS indicates that they’d like to run some verification checks as part of their selection process, they will send you a text or a link to provide consent and some details to enable GVS to confirm your qualifications.

For employers not using GVS, you may need to provide them with your certified documents digitally via My eQuals. The employer may also search the AUT graduate database.

Types of official academic documents

A parchment is your official qualification document, and you get it for free when you graduate.

You can receive your parchment:

  • In person at the graduation ceremony
  • If you don't attend a graduation ceremony: Email the graduation team and we can courier it to you free of charge. Check that your current mailing address and contact details are recorded in Arion.

All parchments include:

  • Your full legal name
  • Name of the qualification awarded
  • Name of major(s) awarded
  • Granted date of qualification and major(s)

Digital certificates

A digital version of the parchment can be issued to My eQuals for any qualification granted from 2012 onwards.

If you graduated:

  • Before 2012: request a digital academic transcript instead, which will have confirmation of all qualifications granted. The transcript includes the name of the qualification, grant date, any major(s) and minor(s) if applicable
  • Between 2012 and 2016: email the graduation team to request your digital certificate to be released to My eQuals
  • After 2017: you already have access to your digital parchment after the qualification was granted

Lost, damaged and uncollected parchments

The parchment is an official legal document. You can't order additional copies of a parchment. Uncollected parchments will be destroyed after four years.

If you lose, damage or want a destroyed parchment reissued, email the graduation team

There is a fee for the parchment to be reprinted or reissued and this can take up to 6 weeks to be completed and dispatched by courier.

Replacements are only available for*:

  • 1995 - 1999 (Degree, postgraduate qualifications) - $75 (within New Zealand) - $90 (international)
  • From 2000 (All qualifications) - $75 (within New Zealand) - $90 (international)

* Any trade, advanced trade certificate qualifications, New Zealand Certificates (NZC) including New Zealand Certificates in Engineering (NZCE) and New Zealand Diplomas (NZD), National Certificate and Diploma qualifications studied under our precursor Auckland Institute of Technology (AIT) or Auckland Technical Institute (ATI) need to be requested from NZQA.

An academic transcript is the formal and complete record of the results you have gained while studying at AUT. Since July 2017, AUT has only issued transcripts digitally, using the My eQuals digital service. This means you can access and securely share your transcript online.

All transcripts include:

  • Your legal name and student ID number
  • Your course results, listed chronologically
  • The programmes you have enrolled in at AUT
  • Qualification(s), major(s) and minor(s) awarded
  • Any points accrued towards your AUT qualification(s) based on courses from other institutions
  • Entrance qualifications (NCEA, Bursary, Special Admission)
  • The University’s grading scheme

Current AUT students

You can get access to your digital transcript at any time before you graduate – contact the Graduation team to ask for it to be released to My eQuals.

Your transcript will:

  • Show all confirmed results at the time of issue
  • Have a one-off cost of $20
  • Not include any interim results for courses that have not been confirmed (locked off). The results for these courses can be seen in your Arion academic progress tab
  • Automatically be updated with any further confirmed results from subsequent semesters, for the duration that you're continuously enrolled in your programme - my eQuals will email you when your transcript has been updated

International students – Study Abroad and Student Exchange

  • You can get access to your digital transcript at the completion of your studies at AUT
  • There is no cost to you


If you graduated after 2017, you already have free access to your digital transcript after the qualification was granted. You would have received an email from My eQuals when this was issued to you.

If you graduated before 2017 you would have received a paper academic transcript. If you require another copy, these can be issued digitally through My eQuals.

Transcript fees:

  • Qualifications granted 1994 - 2017: $20
  • Qualifications granted since 2017: Free

You can request your academic transcript to be issued to you by emailing the graduation team. Include your student ID number, full name and date of birth in your request.

Courses studied prior to 1994

We have limited academic records for courses delivered before 1994 by the precursor institutions Auckland Technical Institute (ATI) and Auckland Institute of Technology (AIT) as these relate to a period of study prior to the centralised and digital recording of a student’s progress.*

In certain instances, we may be able to issue a digital legacy transcript from this period, which is a verified scanned copy of the academic record as issued after the successful completion of studies by ATI or AIT through My eQuals.

*Transcripts for any trade, advanced trade certificate qualifications, New Zealand Certificates (NZC) including New Zealand Certificates in Engineering (NZCE) and New Zealand Diplomas (NZD), National Certificate and Diploma qualifications studied under ATI or AIT need to be requested from NZQA.

Request an academic transcript

For enquiries about academic transcripts get in touch with the AUT graduation team.