Permission to recruit AUT staff or students for research

The EA9 Application Form is for the use of external researchers who are seeking access to AUT staff or students as participants in their research.  This form may be downloaded from the Related Downloads section to the left.  Information about this requirement may be found in Appendix R of AUTEC's Applying for Ethics Approval: Guidelines and Procedures, which can be accessed via the Related Knowledge Base articles section to the left.

Before submitting this form, please note the following:

  • Incomplete or incorrectly formatted applications will not be considered by AUTEC;
  • Please check online for the most recent version of this form before submitting your application;
  • Please do not alter the formatting of this form or delete any sections.  If a particular question is not applicable to your research, please state that as your response to that question

This form needs to be submitted, along with all associated documents (such as Information Sheets, Consent Forms, Research Instruments, Advertisements etc) to

Please refer to the following: