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AUTEC agenda closing and meetings dates

Before submitting an application to AUTEC, it is recommended that it is reviewed by researchers AUTEC Faculty Representative. Note, this should be in well in advance of the agenda close date.

Applications will be received at any time and should be submitted once they are finalised. As nearly half of the applications received are reviewed under delegated authority, it is advantageous to submit applications to AUTEC as soon as they are ready.

Submitting ethics applications and amendments

Applications and amendments may be submitted by email. A single .pdf file containing the form and all related documents is to be emailed to The scanned single .pdf file must have the EA form at the beginning and the other documents in the order stated in the form. The application or amendment must have all the required signatures.Please note that any applications received after 4 pm on the closing date will be placed on the agenda for the following meeting.

For information about AUTEC's decision time frames, please see the Frequently Asked Questions on this topic.

The 2024 schedule of AUTEC’s meeting dates and their associated agenda closing dates may be accessed here.


The Members of AUTEC are:

Emeritus Professor Peter Lineham (Chair)
Emeritus Professor Marion Jones (Council Representative)
Liz Binns (Executive Secretary, Research Ethics Lead)
Associate Professor Catherine Cook (Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences)
Associate Professor Andrew Denton (Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies)
Dr Teena Brown Pulu (Faculty Representative for Te Ara Poutama)
Dr Julienne Molineaux (Faculty Representative for Culture and Society)
Professor Asheq Rahman (Faculty of Business, Economics and Law)
Associate Professor Barbara Myers (Deputy Chair)
Tui Barbarich-Tawera (An appointee of the Deputy-Vice Chancellor Research - AUT Research Office - Te Kāhui Poipoi Rangahau)
Tafili Utumapu-McBride (An appointee of the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Pacific Advancement)
TBA (An appointee of the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Māori Advancement)
Kate O’Connor (Community member)
Yvonne Powley (Community member)
Tom Vasey (AUTSA Representative)