Giving feedback or making a complaint about your supervision experience

AUT is committed to providing a supportive and positive environment for our research students. Supervision is a very important part of postgraduate research and can have a major impact on your experience.

We appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult to give feedback or raise concerns about your supervision, especially given the influence supervisors can have on your experience at AUT and your ongoing career. However, there are a range of options available to you to give feedback or make a complaint in a way that makes you comfortable.

Giving feedback

Feedback directly to your supervisor

Informal feedback to your supervisor

You may like to schedule a conversation with your supervisor to discuss any concerns you have. This could include a support person who accompanies you if you like.

Formal feedback to your supervisor

Supervisors have access to a ‘toolbox’ of resources for seeking feedback from you directly. This includes a Supervision Feedback Survey and, in the near future, a new ‘360’ feedback process. Your supervisor may invite you to give them feedback in these ways. Do note that your feedback through these channels will go to the supervisor.

Feedback to your school, faculty or the Graduate Research School

Contact your school or faculty postgraduate office

There are a range of staff members in your school and faculty with responsibility for postgraduate research. Your faculty's Associate Dean (Postgraduate) will often be the best person to contact to share feedback on your supervision.

Contact the Dean of the Graduate Research School

If you have concerns about your supervision that you would like to address outside the faculty, you can contact the Dean of the Graduate Research School as part of your progress report process. Details for this are in the PGR8 form.

Exit survey (doctoral students only)

You will be invited to share your views via an exit survey at the conclusion of your doctoral degree. This is optional and confidential. The survey is administered by the Academic Quality Office, and your responses will not be shared with your supervisor. You can also request an additional interview at this stage if you wish.

Making a complaint

To make a complaint or to raise an issue related to bullying or harassment, see the ‘Resolution of Problems’ section within the AUT Postgraduate Handbook. This includes details of the University Complaints Procedure.

There is also more information about AUT’s formal complaints process in the AUT Calendar.

AUTSA support

No matter which option you choose, you can always access support from the AUT Student’s Association (AUTSA). AUTSA has advocates who are employed to provide advice and support for you. You are welcome to contact them if you are having difficulties or have concerns about your experience as a student at AUT.

AUTSA website