Intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) is the lifeblood of research. AUT takes an approach to managing and disseminating IP created at the University that reflects our primary purposes of teaching and research, while maximising the impact that AUT research has in New Zealand and globally.

AUT's Intellectual Property Rights Policy

AUT has an Intellectual Property Rights Policy which applies to all staff and students that create IP. Some of the key elements of the policy include:

  • As an employer the University generally claims ownership of IP created by staff in the course of duties or using the University’s resources. There are exceptions for creations like books, papers and artworks.
  • Students generally own the IP they create. However, there are exceptions, for example IP created as a result of participating in a university-led or industry project.
  • AUT shares part of any financial benefits with the creators of successfully commercialised IP.

Download AUT's Intellectual Property Rights Policy


The IP Rights Policy delegates primary responsibility for identifying, advising on and commercialising IP owned by AUT to  AUT Ventures, AUT's commercialisation arm.

AUT Ventures and the University Research Office can advise staff and students about IP.