Environmental Science department

Known for its ground-breaking research, the Department of Environmental Science is part of science at AUT.

Our programmes range from applied conservation and environmental studies to marine biology. The ability to understand issues about environmental resources and applying knowledge and research in practice are important components of this discipline.

Research in environmental science

The Department of Environmental Science is known for its ground-breaking research. Using a holistic Earth system science approach, our research unravels the ecological and social processes that connect terrestrial with aquatic ecosystems.

More about our research
Cecilia Mimi Lay
Tanayaz Patil
Shanta Budha Magar
Samantha Patterson
Ellis Nimick

Contact us

Kay C. Vopel
Head of Environmental Science
Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 6461

IWD Science
Kay Vopel
Ecology contribution
Climate explained - ice age
News pattern
Anchors cause damage to seafloor
18 May, 2022
High-resolution mapping has produced the first ever global estimates of coastal habitat damage caused by anchoring.
IWD Science
Breaking bias must take effort
04 Mar, 2022
In New Zealand, attracting women into science is a major problem. The issue is retaining and enabling them to advance at the same rate as men.
Kay Vopel
Research a step to predict ocean future
25 Nov, 2021
Research which sheds light on the response of coastal ecosystems to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide will help predict the future of coastal waters.
Ecology contribution
Revising approach on exotic species
23 Nov, 2021
Considering climate change and species loss, fighting all exotics maybe counterproductive to the ecosystems we’re trying to save, says AUT ecologist.
Climate explained - ice age
Climate explained: what is an ice age?
29 Sep, 2021
AUT geology professor, Michael Petterson, on what they are and how often they happen.
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