Critical Media Studies department

The Critical Media Studies department covers both foundational and emerging areas in the study of communication and media at AUT. We deliver the core of the Bachelor of Communication Studies and cover a wide range of communication theory and practice.

Committed to the critical study of the media, we seek to understand the way that communication operates in society and also provide courses in media and power and communication for social change, as well as extensive postgraduate research opportunities with our experienced supervisors.

Undergraduate study in critical media studies will give you a solid grounding in this area.

Bachelor’s degree

We teach the core courses in the Bachelor of Communication Studies.

Minors related to critical media studies

You can study these minors as part of your Bachelor of Communication Studies and many other bachelor’s degrees at AUT:

Research in communication studies

We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across communication studies.

More about our research

Critical media studies research centres

Dr Merja Myllylahti
Wayne Hope media story
Communications Studies Caught being
Guy Littlefair
Merja Myllylahti
News pattern
Dr Merja Myllylahti
Trust in news declines
29 Apr, 2021
The AUT research centre for Journalism, Media and Democracy (JMAD) has published its second Trust in News in New Zealand report.
Wayne Hope media story
Greater media literacy is vital
09 Feb, 2021
In an age of digital disinformation, dropping level 1 media studies in NZ high schools is a big mistake, says Professor Wayne Hope.
Communications Studies Caught being
Communication Studies 2020 Awards
17 Dec, 2020
Students were recognised for their outstanding accomplishments at this year's Communication Studies Awards.
Guy Littlefair
Design and Creative Tech PG Awards
07 Oct, 2020
The 2020 Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies Postgraduate Awards recognise the top honours, master’s and doctoral students who graduated in 2020.
Merja Myllylahti
Technology, journalism and democracy
21 Aug, 2020
Dr Merja Myllylahti, co-director of the research centre for Journalism, Media and Democracy explores how technology is changing journalism.

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Dr Rufus McEwan
Head of Department, Critical Media Studies
Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 6895

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