Applied Ecology department

Known for its ground-breaking research, the Department of Applied Ecology is part of science at AUT.

Our programmes range from applied conservation and environmental studies to marine biology. The ability to understand issues about environmental resources and applying knowledge and research in practice are important components of this discipline.

Research in applied ecology

We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across science.

More about our research

Research institutes

We work closely with the Institute for Applied Ecology New Zealand to engage in research important to national and global environmental issues.

Institute for Applied Ecology NZ website

Contact us

Associate Professor Sebastian Leuzinger
Head of Applied Ecology
Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 6944

Whale and diver
Whale in Kaikoura
Lindsey White Blue Economy CRC 1
62% increase in AUT researchers
Whale and diver
Tongan whales affected by tourism
18 Jul, 2019
AUT research shows that the intensive swim-with-whale tourism in Tonga is disturbing natural behaviour patterns.
Whale in Kaikoura
The future of NZ’s marine environment
15 Jul, 2019
Two AUT researchers, Dr Rebecca Jarvis and Dr Tim Young, surveyed New Zealand’s marine scientists to discover the key areas where more research is needed.
Lindsey White Blue Economy CRC 1
AUT joins Australian research programme
16 May, 2019
AUT has joined 45 national and international partners on a 10-year research programme on ways to utilise the ocean for aquaculture and energy production.
62% increase in AUT researchers
62% increase in AUT researchers
30 Apr, 2019
Growing expertise to help New Zealand and the world
PhD grad takes eco message to the world
08 Aug, 2018
Environmental science and marine biology PhD graduate Stephanie Borrelle is taking on one of the world’s big problems – plastic pollution in the oceans.