Third Party Authorisation

AUT takes student privacy seriously and has a process that is open and transparent, whilst ensuring student information is protected. The University operates two tiers of third party authorisation.

Tier one

Family, friends or other individuals may contact AUT on behalf of a student in order to facilitate the student’s application and enrolment.

The caller may seek to gather, or provide, information on:

  • Programme confirmation
  • Enrolment confirmation
  • Fees for a course
  • Orientation information
  • Payment dates
  • Start of course date
  • ID photo update

In these instances, the caller will be asked if the student gives consent to them calling on their behalf. The caller will be asked three security questions e.g. legal name, ID number and date of birth of the student.

Tier two

Individuals from time to time may seek information of a sensitive nature on behalf of an AUT student.

This information may include:

  • An explanation regarding an Admissions outcome
  • Detailed information on Fees
  • Academic Progress
  • Graduation
  • Special Consideration applications
  • Grades
  • Other private information

In these cases the student must complete and sign a Third Party Authorisation Form and send this to

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