Sāmoan Language Week 2024

29 May, 2024
Sāmoan Language Week 2024
AUT Nursing Lecturer, Dr Ioana Mulipola

AUT Nursing Lecturer, Dr Ioana Mulipola has a Doctorate of Health Sciences, Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse/Nursing, with over 15 years of clinical experience in mental health services.

Mental health is her passion and so is her love for Sāmoan Culture. Dr Mulipola shares with us the importance of upholding and sustaining Gagana Sāmoa.

“Learning Gagana Sāmoa is a lifelong journey and people are at different stages of that journey. My message is to have grace while going through the journey whatever pathway you’re choosing to reconnect with your culture.”

The 2024 theme for Sāmoa Language Week is 'Tautua i le alofa, manuia le lumana’i – Serve in love for a blessed future'.

The theme for the Pacific Language Weeks 2024 is sustainability, and AUT’s Pacific language week videos are a celebration of the power of language and culture. They feature AUT people who are passionate about sustaining language for future generations.

Through their stories, it will be evident the many ways in which language is a vital component of cultural identity and how people implement it into their daily lives.

Samoan greetings and other resources for Samoan Language Week are available on the Ministry for Pacific Peoples website.

Release dates

To watch each video in the 2024 AUT Pacific language video series as they are launched, follow the Pacific at AUT Facebook, Instagram or watch on You Tube.