Minister visits two School laboratories

28 Feb, 2017
Minister visits two School laboratories
Science Minister Paul Goldsmith on an AUT visit

The new Science Minister, Paul Goldsmith, has made his second trip to AUT in two weeks.

On both occasions he visited projects housed in the School of Engineering, Computers and Mathematical Sciences.

Minister Goldsmith visited in early Feburary when he addressed the SKA Colloquium.

Last week he visited AUT again for a tour, stopping in at KEDRI and KODE.

“The Minster expressed an interest in several NeuCube-related projects : NeuCube generic platforms; earthquake prediction; data visualisation; personalised health; wind energy prediction, brain data modelling, along with discussing the contribution of international PhD students to the NZ economy,” said Professor Nikola Kasabov, the director of KEDRI.

At KODE, Professor Steve Henry explained the technology and some upcoming international partnerships KODE has recently signed.