Lights, camera, pastry

07 Jan, 2013
Lights, camera, pastry
AUT's Patisserie students created plenty of treats in 2012

It was lights, camera, pastry at AUT University’s Piko Restaurant late last year as patisserie students showed off their skills in their end-of-year and ice cream showcase.

Certificate in Patisserie and Diploma in Patisserie students had spent three full days making 144 different items for the end of year showcase says senior lecturer Renny Aprea.

Students also spent three days preparing and making a variety of unusual and inspired ice cream flavours for the annual ice cream showcase.

Both were hosted by the School of Hospitality and Tourism.

The end-of-year showcase had a film and movies theme, and saw hundreds of people come through the doors to marvel at the finesse, technicality and creativity of the students.

Think cake, chocolate, bread, pies, mousse, cookies, cupcakes, fruits, popcorn and more.
The ice-cream showcase saw students making flavours like bacon, banana and maple syrup and balsamic vinegar, strawberry and cracked pepper.

The showcases were a culmination of the learning by the students over the course of the year.