Lean Construction conference at AUT

17 Jun, 2024
Lean Construction conference at AUT
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New Zealand’s first ever conference of The International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) takes place at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) from 1 to 6 July.

Featuring keynote speakers Professor Glenn Ballard, who is the IGLC co-founder and research associate with the Project Production Systems Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, and Kainga Ora’s Matthew Hulett, the six-day IGLC32 conference brings together leading Lean Construction innovators from industry, government and academia.

Lean Construction aims to drive productivity and sustainability across the building and infrastructure industry, says AUT senior lecturer in built environment engineering Dr Mani Poshdar, who chairs the IGLC32 steering committee.

Dr Poshdar says it does this by aligning and continuously improving integrated project delivery methods in all phases of built environment development – from design and construction, to activation, maintenance, salvaging, and recycling.

“This means by using Lean Construction,  projects tend to be easier to man­age, safer, completed sooner, cost less, and of better quality,” Dr Poshdar says.

“The built environment contributes between 15 and 20 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand, and our country’s commitments to the Paris Agreement mean this needs to change.

“Lean Construction offers a way to do this, while also reducing the cost of building, allowing the industry to step up to the challenges of a high demand to cater for a growing population and the need for climate resilience,” Dr Poshdar says.

The IGLC32 conference is broken into four categories focusing on different elements of the field of construction: Industry Day, on 1 July; Workshop Day and Gemba Walk on 2 July; the Technical Conference from 3 to 5 July, and the PhD school on 6 July.

Lean Construction Australia New Zealand Director and Argon & Co Managing Principal Stephanie Pretorius says IGLC32 will provide a forum for industry professionals and academics to connect and learn about the latest developments, trends and strategies related to construction productivity, performance and Lean project delivery.

“This conference is a valuable opportunity for industry professionals in Aotearoa to learn from local and international experts, and to see case studies and practical examples of improvement,” she says.

"With the Government’s call for more productivity in Aotearoa, balanced with the need for a sustainable and resilient built environment, Lean Construction has a significant role to play."

For more information about IGLC32, and to register, go to www.iglc32.com

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