Gold medals for hospitality

04 Sep, 2013
Gold medals for hospitality
The innovative AUT Torque d'Or team after being presented with their prize- a brand new oven.

Once again, AUT University has come back from the National Culinary Fare triumphant, with a stack of medals to display.

Students and graduates from AUT’s School of Hospitality and Tourism programmes, Diploma in Culinary Arts (DCA), Diploma in Patisserie (DipPat) and Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (BIHM), competed in a range of classes at the national event, with plenty of gold, silver and bronze medals being awarded.

Torque D'Or  

AUT is always a front runner in the Nestle Torque d’Or competition and this year the team, comprised of Ed Janwattana (DCA), Eliza Williams (DipPat) and Stephanie White (BIHM) came away with a range of awards.

Ed and Eliza achieved a Gold medal in the kitchen and Stephanie White was awarded a silver medal for her work in Front of House.

The overall team was awarded the Overall Innovation Prize package comprising of a Moffat Combi- oven full of cookery books.

The team was trained by John Kelleher (kitchen) and Kathy Jones (front of house).

Kelleher, a senior lecturer in culinary arts says the team did so well thanks to the thought that went into the preparation.

” As a team we worked hard to problem solve any issues around culinary flavours, plate design and the innovative ways to use the Nestlé products,” says Kelleher.

From a student perspective the highlights of the competition included gaining experience, learning more about competing in culinary arts and the amount of work that is put in says Williams.

John Kelly, the Head of the Culinary Arts Department, was delighted with the effort that had been put into the competition by staff and students alike.

“Once again these results are a reflection not only of the hard work, and exemplary commitment our competitors have shown to the training involved, but acknowledgement  should be given to the colleagues that have given so much of their time and expertise in training these competitors.”

All the awards

*    PASTA DISH – TRAINING:   Ronagrail Totanes (DCA) Gold
*    SALMON –TRAINING: Hye Ryung  Lee  (DCA)  Bronze,  Yo Han Ryoo (DCA) Bronze
*    MARGARINE CARVING and SHOWPIECE:   Amit Stern (DCA)  Silver, Vincent Rhodes (DCA) Silver, Jong Hyun Byun ( DCA) Bronze.
*    CLASSIC COCKTAIL:   Irene Alviouita  (BIHM)  Silver
*    TABLE SETTING: Jill Chen (BIHM)  Gold and overall winner,  Patricia Bennelos (BIHM) Silver

Other accolades

*    Sasa Li ( BIHM) was awarded the NZ Training Food & Beverage Service Person of the Year comprising 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals for the heats in which she competed.

*    Minnie Gao (BIHM)  was awarded a Silver and Gold medal - first in class in the Sommelier  of the Year training class.

*    Vivian Clarke (DipPat graduate)  won  the 'Pastry Chef of the Year' title