Free te reo with AUT

02 Jul, 2013
Free te reo with AUT
AUT offers free te reo Māori

AUT University is committed to building an inclusive Aotearoa, and in recognition of the value of te reo Māori, the university offers Māori language courses with no tuition fees.

The courses

Anyone can go from beginner to intermediate Māori language learners with AUT University, whether they are domestic or international students.

The courses are taught to help broaden student’s understanding of New Zealand's indigenous language and culture.

Student experience

For the students of these papers, the benefits are bigger than learning another language.

Andrew Austin was a student of a beginner paper and says he wished he had begun learning te reo Māori a long time ago.

“I realised while I was doing a Masters of Anthropology that a better understanding of te reo Māori would have been helpful but I was too busy [then]. The type of work I am pursuing is research focused here in New Zealand and having knowledge of te reo Māori is a definite addition to my skills.”

Another student, Anna Cooper says although she wasn’t brought up speaking te reo, she wanted to learn so she could communicate and identify more with her Māori heritage.

“There is such a wealth of knowledge of our history, waiata and whakapapa and what better way to learn than these than in the language they were written.”

Previously she hadn't found a language class that fit around her schedule so night classes worked well.

“I've really enjoyed the teaching style, the resources and the staff, not being put down for not knowing things. The whole atmosphere at AUT has been great.”


The courses run for 15 weeks (during the university semester) and are taught on AUT’s City Campus.