Five questions: Professor Michael Lück

25 Mar, 2019
Five questions: Professor Michael Lück

Professor Michael Lück always felt more at home by the sea when he was child, and this passion has stuck with him, paving the way for his studies in coastal marine tourism.

We asked Michael five questions ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address - he discussed his research on coastal marine tourism and mermaids, the advice he would offer to new or aspiring researchers and his hopes for Tourism in New Zealand.

“I would like to see more focus on sustainability. We’re talking about it all the time, but we need to do it as well. If you look at our coastal marine tourism in New Zealand, we run the risk of repeating mistakes that have been done somewhere else. Be it hot spots in the country, the cruise ship industry or over tourism, there are lots of things that could improve, but we need a good and clear strategy in order to avoid those mistakes,” he said.

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