Built futures at AUT Architecture Lab

03 Oct, 2019
Built futures at AUT Architecture Lab
Dr Amir GhaffarianHoseini and Dr Ali GhaffarianHoseini

The future of our built environment is a hot topic for both architects and engineers. As part of World Green Building Week 2019, AUT collaborated with the New Zealand Green Building Council to hold a pecha kucha event, featuring a range of quick fire presentations from AUT researchers.

Put together by Dr Ali Ghaffarianhoseini and Dr Amirhosein Ghaffarianhoseini, Directors of the newly established Architectural Engineering Lab, with Associate Professor Dr Nicola Naismith, Head of Department of Built Environment Engineering, the presentations explored a number of interdisciplinary topics in relation to green built environments.

The talks demonstrated the future-focused vision of AUT in optimising the sustainable performance of future urban built environments using Auckland city as a living lab. The work being done in Architectural Engineering and Built Environment supports the current smart cities research initiatives of the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies (DCT) at AUT led by Professor Charles Walker.

A section of the Architectural Engineering Lab
A section of the Architectural Engineering Lab

All selected presentations showcased the ongoing focus of their research team comprised of several postgraduate/undergraduate researchers, ranging from Building Information Modelling (BIM) uptake to sustainable design, housing affordability and neuro-architecture. Presentations covered the following projects based at AUT’s Architecture Lab:

  • Sustainability Management in Design, Construction and Operation to Preserve and Improve Quality by Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation
  • How Your Building Impacts Your Brain: A Neuro-Architectural Building Rating Scheme
  • Intelligent Acoustics: Acoustic Comfort in New Zealand Classrooms
  • Realising Trust Dynamics and Governance for Humanising Driverless Technology
  • Alternative Funding Models for Social and Affordable Housing
  • IT-Supported Collaborative Work (CW) in Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Projects: An Analysis of BIM Implementation in New Zealand Construction Industry
  • Effective Deployment of Passive Buildings in Cooling Dominated ClimateAn overview of WGBW event @ AUTAn overview of WGBW event @ AUT

Talks were delivered by PhD students Attiq Ur Rehman, Damiloju Adeyina, Dulip C. Rajapaksha, Megan Burfoot, Okechukwu Nwadigo, Sameh Azzazy and Master’s graduate Jonathan Maitland-Smith.

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