New graduate stories for ad campaign

04 Oct, 2021
AUT launches Find Your Greatness phase 2

It’s been just over a year since AUT’s Find Your Greatness campaign launched on prime-time television along with billboards, in cinema, targeted direct marketing and social media. The brand activity features our great graduates talking in their own words about their experiences with studying at AUT but also highlights the incredible work they have been doing since graduating.

The campaign tagline Find Your Greatness highlights the opportunities students have to access their greatness when they choose to study at AUT.

Following the success of this campaign, AUT is today launching phase two with fresh content from four new great graduates:

  • Kurt Schmidt - Aerospace Engineering
  • Monique Cooper - Healthcare Engineer
  • Dr Lauren Keaney - Research Scientist
  • Natalie Devery – Human Rights Lawyer

View the campaign videos and content

Meet the graduates behind the campaign - engineering

Over the coming weeks, we go behind the scenes to meet the alumni featured in the campaign. Find out about their AUT experience and why they decided to be part of the campaign.

First up, meet engineering graduates Kurt and Monique.

Kurt Schmidt graduated with a Master of Engineering with Honours (First Class) and now works in aerospace engineering. “AUT has been a huge part of my life. It was my pathway into what I would call the real world. It was a crucial journey and a lot of people helped me out. So I thought coming back and telling my story and how I interacted with it would be quite a cool opportunity.”

Monique Cooper studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechatronics Engineering, and works as a Product Development Engineer at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare. “AUT gave me a platform to be able to explore different areas I was interested in, to be curious, to ask questions, to be wrong and to reframe how I thought of the world.”

Pro Vice-Chancellor International and Dean, Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies, Professor Guy Littlefair, says this is a fantastic opportunity to show areas where AUT has strength. “We have a very large school of Engineering Computing and Mathematical Sciences, and I can’t think of a better way for us to showcase what we do, than through the voice of our graduates.”

Great Graduates - Kurt Schmidt and Monique Cooper from AUT Communications on Vimeo.