Cryptocurrency regulation: risks and rewards

Cryptocurrency regulation: risks and rewards

By Angus Ross (student, AUT Faculty of Business, Economics & Law) & Dr Ayesha Scott (lecturer, Finance Department, AUT).
13 March, 2018

How can governments effectively regulate cryptocurrencies and emerging blockchain technologies?

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Meaning of work

Working on meaning

By Marjolein Lips-Wiersma, Professor of Ethics and Sustainability Leadership at AUT’s Business School.
29 November, 2017

Professor Marjolein Lips-Wiersma maps out the search for meaning in our work.

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Can KiwiSaver providers justify higher fees?

By Associate Professor Aaron Gilbert and Dr Ayesha Scott, AUT Business School.
27 October, 2017

Fees can eat into KiwiSaver returns but some players suggest they can deliver more bang for your buck.

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The winter (conference) escape

By the Dean of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, Professor Kate Kearins
24 October, 2017

There's plenty of good reasons, still, to go to a conference and most of them don't involve standing up and talking about stuff you already know, to people who have heard it before.

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Slow path to India-NZ free trade

By Dr Rahul Sen, Senior Lecturer at School of Economics.
10 October, 2017

The road towards a formal India-NZ FTA a long one, but strong complementarities in the areas of services, investment and technology can overcome some political sensitivities associated with tariff elimination.

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