AUT at Best Awards 2021

22 Feb, 2022
AUT at Best Awards 2021

AUT’s Art and Design students have won a total of 40 awards at 2021’s Best Awards, including 14 Gold, 12 Silver and 14 Bronze.

The Design Institute of New Zealand’s annual Best Awards recognise excellence in graphic, toitanga, digital, moving image, spatial and product design.

See below the full list of AUT’s winning entries:


SHOR - A Spatial Exploration of Soundscapes of Birds in the City inspired by the Traditional Indian Art of Kalamkari, Spatial Design, Archana Bhurke

Rare, Graphic [Communication Design], Janette Ng

Sow Your Kultura, Graphic [Communication Design], Justine Macabasco

Linh Thu - Sacred Animals, Graphic [Communication Design], Liam Nguyen

The Art of Unboxing, Graphic [Communication Design], Oliver van Lent

Wai Horotiu Display, Graphic [Communication Design] and Toitanga, Phillip Kim

More Than Words, Public Good Award, Sabrina David

Memoirs of World War One; A Spatial Narrative of Dislocation, Spatial Design, Shivneel Prasad

Saints of Paradox, Digital Design and Moving Image, Tatiana Tavares

Max and The Universe, Moving Image, Texas Shepherd

Talanoa, Product [Industrial Design], Tui Meki

Dot Dot Dot, Graphic [Communication Design], Ashleigh Sun


Una, Public Good Award and Product [Industrial Design], Alice Fisher

Miro Wine, Moving Image, Bree Greally, Lily Martin Babin

epipatch, Product [Industrial Design], Courteney Eccless

Tried & True, Graphic [Communication Design], Emma Melville

The Sensory Garden, Product [Industrial Design], Levon Hutchinson

Ditto, Graphic [Communication Design], Lydia Harden Bull

Manifesto Grotesk, Graphic [Communication Design], Max Hurley

Nest: A financial wellbeing app, Public Good Award, Nicola Pfister

El Lector / The reader, Graphic [Communication Design], Ruby Spark

As Found, Graphic[Communication Design], Sam Harris

Patch, Digital Design, Mia MacDonald


The Wayfinding Hub, Public Good Award [Good Health Design], Anita Parapunova, Amy Cherguit, Claudia Rist, Michelle Sheng

Watershed Dark, Spatial Design, Daniel Eaton

Centorian Pet Newsletter, Public Good Award, Emma Choi

Huna, Product [Industrial Design], Emma Poole

UVADE Sun Stones, Product [Industrial Design], Findlay Campbell, Jordan Williams

NEX.Pro - Neck extension Protection, Product [Industrial Design], Hollie Riddell

Mum’s Chicken Friend, Moving Image, Jeeyeon Han

Bub, Product [Industrial Design], Jonathan Aquino

EVO, Product [Industrial Design],  Jonathan van Nes

A state of reimagining: reconnection and belonging through mark making, Spatial Design, Julia Mapusua

Fade, Moving Image, Katya Rasskazova

AirJust, Product [Industrial Design], Oscar Zhong

Bundle, Product[Industrial Design], Sam McGerty

Journey to Faith, Moving Image, Timothy Haryadi

Congratulations to all finalists and award winners.