What you can study for Study Abroad and Student Exchange

As a visiting international student to AUT on either our Study Abroad or Student Exchange programmes, you can choose to take courses from dozens of study areas. You’ll meet the subject requirements of your home institution, while expanding your educational, personal, and career aspirations.

How to build your study plan

Each AUT course has a code made up of the first four letters of the subject area and three numbers relating to the course’s level of study.

What AUT course levels mean:

  • Level 5: First year - undergraduate/bachelor's degree
  • Level 6: Second year - undergraduate/bachelor's degree
  • Level 7: Third year - undergraduate/bachelor's degree
  • Level 8: Postgraduate/master's degree*

We'll support you in taking the courses you need. You should select courses that reflect your own level of experience. Avoid taking upper-level courses in areas you have little or no experience in.

*Courses at level 8 or above are aimed at postgraduate students. If you're an undergraduate student and your home university requires you to take a level 8 course, we'll ask you to provide a signed endorsement from your home university.

A full-time semester at AUT is 60 points. Limited full-time study is 45 points. This typically equates to studying either 3 or 4 courses with us.

60 points at AUT means:

  • 30 ECTS for European students
  • 16 credits for US students

45 points at AUT means:

  • 22.5 ECTS for European students
  • 12 credits for US students

Once you’ve browsed your course options below, use our course search tool to get some more details about your chosen courses.

Type the course code (for example the course MAOR510) into the course search. This will show you how many points (credits) the course is worth and when it’s being offered, so you can then organise your study plan and timetable.

Campus locations

AUT has 3 campuses: City, North and South Campus.

To see where and when your chosen courses are taught

Use the course search tool below and enter the course codes or course names you're interested in. You'll see that there is a timetable on the page, with the available class options for each semester.

The first column, titled ‘Class’, will identify at which campus the course is taught on by the having the course code followed by the class code, for example INTB605/W101. The letter at the start of the class code will be either W, A or M (this is the campus location).

  • WCity Campus, located on Wellesley Street, Auckland CBD
  • ANorth Campus, located on Akoranga Drive on the North Shore
  • MSouth Campus, located in Manukau, South Auckland

For example, if you want to find out more about the course INTB605 Business Strategy, put the course code INTB605 into the search tool, and on the page you will find the timetables for the current academic year.

If the class column had the following options:

INTB605/ M101

INTB605/ W101

The first option with the M101 after the course code is taught on our South Campus, and the second option with the W101 after the course code is taught on our City Campus.

If you're selecting courses at more than one campus, you can find out how to travel between them. We offer a shuttle bus service from the City Campus to the South Campus, and the Auckland Transport NX2 bus goes from outside the City Campus to the Akoranga Bus Station, and the North Campus is just a short walk from there.


Customise your semester - choose courses from the study options below

You can customise your own semester by choosing from the list of individual courses.

If you're coming to AUT on a student exchange, there may be some limitations based on the agreement in place with your home institution. Contact our student exchange team to find out more.

Gain workplace experience while you’re at AUT

If you choose the 30-point Work Integrated Learning course, you complete a part-time, supervised work placement in your chosen field - a great chance to practise what you study in a New Zealand workplace and be matched with an organisation that reflects your interests.


Contact us

Get in touch if you have any questions about joining us as a visiting student.

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