For agents: prospective and registered agents

AUT has registered agent offices around the world to support international students interested in studying at AUT. They give information about AUT and New Zealand Government regulations to prospective international students and their families who are considering study in Auckland.

Submitting student applications: AUT Agent Online for registered agents

You can submit prospective student applications online if you are an AUT registered agent. This makes it easy for you to check on the progress of the application for your international students, and it helps us process it faster.

AUT Agent Online

User manuals for AUT Agent Online

Download AUT Agent Online User Manual

New agents

AUT is a signatory to the New Zealand Ministry of Education Code of Practice. We have strict policies for appointing education agents.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with AUT. You are welcome to complete this survey at any time throughout the year.

Please note, we process survey responses four times per year:

  • First week of February
  • First week of June
  • First week of September
  • First week of December

You will hear from us with a response to your survey, including next steps, in the next available processing round. Once you complete the survey, your results will automatically be sent to us. You do not need to prepare any further information or contact us until we email you.

From which region does your company recruit the most students placed in New Zealand institutions?

Student applications from unregistered agents

AUT accepts applications only from education agents with whom AUT has a formal agreement for representation.

Unsolicited international student applications from non-registered agents will be treated as direct applications from students and will not result in the payment of commission.