AUT International

AUT International aims to develop and strengthen AUT’s global partnerships and alliances.

We are the first point of contact for international initiatives.

What we do

Contribute to the globalisation of AUT

We do this through leadership and support in policy development, research, and giving strategic, country-specific advice to faculties and schools.

Oversee bilateral and multilateral relations with universities

We coordinate and oversee formal bilateral and multilateral relations with overseas universities. This involves establishing, developing and reviewing these relations.

Oversee diplomatic relations

We oversee international diplomatic relations with key government agencies and diplomatic missions in New Zealand and overseas.

Manage and coordinate visits

We manage the international visitor programme for high level visitors to AUT. We also plan and coordinate selected overseas visits for members of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office and the senior executive team.

Global initiatives

Our global initiatives include:

  • Staff and student exchange
  • Student mobility initiatives
  • Participating in government and ministerial trade missions
  • Hosting VIP delegations
  • Supporting the establishment of collaborative projects
  • Supporting articulation and transnational education developments and initiatives
  • Offshore teaching and qualification delivery
  • Engaging in MOUs and special agreements for global business and engagement opportunities
  • Study abroad

Contact us

AUT International
Level 16, WO Building
56 Wakefield Street
Auckland, New Zealand

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