Giving from the USA (Friends of AUT Incorporated)

Join our mission to create graduates, invest in people who will go into the world and apply knowledge for wellbeing and prosperity, challenge thinking and tackle major social, environmental, business and political issues to support the changing world.

Friends of AUT Inc. is a registered 501c3 charitable entity and will issue tax receipts for all gifts.

Friends of AUT Inc. is a USA-based non-profit organisation that:

  • Promotes closer ties between AUT and its USA-based alumni
  • Explores educational and research partnership opportunities between
    AUT and USA Colleges
  • Operates a programme for charitable organisations to make themselves
    known to potential donors within the USA philanthropic community
  • Acts as a custodian for donations to AUT in the USA

AUT is New Zealand’s most modern and dynamic university. Please contact us to discuss how you can partner with Friends of AUT Inc.

Governance of Friends of AUT Inc.

Friends of AUT Inc. is governed by a Board of Trustees and Advisory Board.  Friends of AUT Inc. has set a number of accountability standards for donors and partners. Read more about our Board of Trustees and accountability standards.