Staff: researchers in the AI Initiative

Find your local expert on AI: this page lists the researchers behind the initiative’s AI projects.

Computer Science / Information Technology and Software Engineering departments

  • Professor Ajit Narayanan (Artificial Intelligence, Nature Inspired Computing, Mind and Brain)
  • Professor Edmund Lai (Head of Department - Information Technology & Software Engineering,Neural Networks)
  • Professor Nikola Kasabov FIEEE, FRSNZ (Director of the Knowledge Engineering and Discovery Research Institute, Spiking Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence)
  • Professor Wai Kiang (Albert) Yeap (Director of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research, Computational Theories of the Mind)
  • Professor Dave Parry (Head of Department - Computer Science)
  • Associate Professor Jaqueline Whalley (Geocomputation and Nature Inspired Computing)
  • Associate Professor Russel Pears (Mining high speed data streams, pattern recognition, and time series prediction)
  • Associate Professor Wei Qi Yan (Director of the Centre for Robotics and Vision (CeRV))
  • Dr Maryam Doborjeh (neuroinformatics, mental health technology, spiking neural networks, deep learning, personalised modelling)
  • Dr Zohreh Doborjeh (neuromarketing, neuroinformatics, brain dynamics modelling)
  • Dr Boris Bačić (Computational Intelligence for Sport Science)
  • Dr Elisa Capecci (bioinformatics, computational biology and chemistry, computational neuroscience, machine learning)
  • Dr Israel Espinosa Ramos (computational neuroscience, evolutionary algorithms, machine learning)
  • Dr Ji Ruan (Logic, formal verification, multi-agent sytems)
  • Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh (Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation, Founder/Director She#)
  • Dr Minh Nguyen (Academic Advisor, Image Processing)
  • Dr Muhammad Asif Naeem (Data Science and Big Data Management)
  • Dr Parma Nand (Head of Learning and Teaching, Natural Language Engineering)
  • Dr Sira Yongchareon (Business Process Analytics and Intelligence, AI/Machine learning for IoT, and Ambient Intelligence)
  • Shoba Tegginmath (Ontologies and knowledge discovery, data modeling and databases)

Engineering department

Visiting researchers

AUT hosts researchers from around the world who collaborate on projects. Find out more about our partners.

  • Jesús López Lobo (stream data mining, online learning, concept drift, ensembles, spiking neural networks)
  • Dr Haijun Liu (pattern analysis, textile defect detection, earthquake prediction)

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