Events from the AI Initiative

AUT is involved in several seminars and workshops about different aspects of AI during the year. These are either organised by AUT itself, or through groups such as the Auckland AI Meetup.

ISGV Conference 2020

AUT’s CeRV research centre is organising the ISGV conference 2020. ISGV is a conference that brings together academics and researchers working in the areas of digital geometry, graphics, image and video technologies, computer vision, and multimedia technologies.

The best paper of this international symposium will be awarded as the Reinhard Klette Award to memorise Professor Klette, the founding Director of CeRV Centre, a pioneer of computer vision.

See you at the conference ISGV 2020.

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SNN and NMS Workshop WCCI2020

(Design, Implementation and Applications of Spiking Neural Networks and Neuromorphic Systems).

Description of the workshop

Spiking neural networks (SNN) and neuromorphic systems (NMS) represent the third generation of neural networks, but more importantly they are considered to be the next generation of information processing systems. This workshop will cover for the first time all aspects of methods, systems, implementations and applications of SNN and NMS.


One-page abstracts for poster presentation at the workshop can be submitted before 30 April. Acceptance will be confirmed within a week after the submission. Proceedings of the workshop abstracts will be published and distributed at the workshop.

Full papers can be submitted after the conference to a special issue of the Springer journal Evolving Systems and to a volume of the Springer Series of Bio and Neurosystems. More information related to publications will be distributed at the workshop.

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KEDRI seminars

Every Thursday at 1pm in room WT712
In the weekly KEDRI seminar, KEDRI staff, students and visitors present the projects they are working on.

CeRV seminars

Every Thursday
In the weekly CeRV seminar, CeRV staff, students and visitors present the projects they are working on.

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Auckland AI Meetup

The Auckland AI and Machine Learning meetup covers a broad range of machine learning, artificial intelligence programming and data science topics. Meetups with speakers from AUT are held regularly at the IBM office in Wynyard quarter. On 27 March, Professor Nikola Kasabov gave a talk on Spiking Neural Networks and Brain-Inspired Artificial Intelligence. On 24 April, Professor Ajit Narayanan presented on the topic of Ethics and AI, and on 15 May former KEDRI PhD student and AUT graduate Neelava Sengupta talked about implementing Spiking Neural Networks. Further information on upcoming meetups and links to previous presentations can be found on the Meetup site.

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