AI specialist in residence and the AiLab at AUT

AUT’s Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies has partnered with AiLab and its co-founder, Dr John Flackett, to host an Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AiLab). AiLab will be part of AUT’s existing artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, with Dr Flackett helping to expand ethical AI adoption in his role as AUT's AI Specialist in Residence.

AiLab at AUT

Working with the University and industry partners, AiLab will be part of AUT’s existing artificial intelligence initiatives. Dr Flackett (virtually based in AUT’s School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences until travel restrictions are lifted) is establishing the AiLab alongside his roles as Artificial Intelligence Specialist in Residence and AI Ambassador.

Dr Flackett will promote AI across schools and faculties within AUT, and the lab will coordinate and support collaboration with partners and the established local AI community, and provide another conduit between academic research and commercial entities.

Offering access to AI support, resources and events, the lab also aims to undertake research into AI opportunities within New Zealand and establish long-term, collaborative social-good AI projects focused on developing solutions for everyday life and business, improving life for New Zealanders.

AI Specialist in Residence: Dr John Flackett

Dr John Flackett has more than 25 years of AI experience and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning), and has contributed as an advisor in government, education, industry and community. He is regularly invited to share his perspectives via talks, media interviews and roundtables.

He has co-founded and is a director of three businesses:

Dr Flackett specialises in fundamental algorithm research to create more advanced learning machines and is interested in numerous aspects of AI and cognitive science; especially representational adequacies, Natural Language Processing, feature extraction, signal fusion and hybrid systems for applied AI.

John Flackett's profile on AiLab website

About AiLab

Headquartered in South Australia, AiLab (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) works across the globe and has helped thousands of people within organisations, government and community navigate and learn about artificial intelligence via education programmes, research, resources and events.

With an extensive AI background in academia, research and developing internal AI solutions, AiLab’s mission is championing global collaboration to further AI education, awareness and the ethical development of AI solutions. AiLab collaborates with international experts and organisations to promote AI skills development and adoption of AI applications..

Co-founded by John Flackett and Emma Berry, AiLab demystifies AI and showcases how this exciting technology is transforming the world in which we live through a range of resources and education programs. AiLab’s hands-on workshops explore the field of AI and current capabilities, provide insights and latest AI research, and assist with applying and transitioning into AI driven systems.

Partner with us

If you're interested in working with the AiLab, contact:

John Flackett, co-founder, AI Lab

Yvonne Chan, Director of External Engagement Office (AUT)

Impact of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence could contribute US$13 trillion to the global economy by 2030 (McKinsey Global Institute, 2018) and more than NZ$54 billion to New Zealand’s GDP by 2035 (AI Forum, 2018) – so awareness of AI and the impact of the cutting-edge techniques is paramount. AI opens previously untapped opportunities in productivity, growth and diverse new marketplaces and can help drive powerful data insights, expand technological innovation and transform the nature of work.

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