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Game changer

Language and culture
09 Jun, 2022
Nick Jones’ fascination with storytelling started in his childhood. Now he’s joined Swedish games creator Sharkmob in London. AUT’s Insight meets him.

Almost human

09 Jun, 2022
AUT law alumnus Sam Ennor is deeply fascinated by the legal ramifications of the rapidly approaching AI revolution. AUT’s Insight magazine meets him.

Sleep, glorious sleep

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
09 Jun, 2022
A new machine designed by AUT alumna Dalya Al-Mohamadamin could put a good night’s sleep back on the menu for thousands of Kiwis. AUT’s Insight meets her.

The power of Lisa

09 Jun, 2022
As a leader in Deloitte’s forensic team Lisa Tai has helped uncover criminal activities, tackle fraud and fight white-collar crime. AUTs Insight meets her.

For the greater good

Health sciences
09 Jun, 2022
Dr Mangor Pedersen is harnessing the power of AI to revolutionise the treatment of epilepsy, traumatic brain injury and dementia. AUT’s Insight meets him.

This one precious life

Communication studies
09 Jun, 2022
Now a journalist for Māori Television and founder of the charity Brave, Jess Tyson is a beacon of hope for Māori youth. AUT’s Insight magazine meets her.

Engineering a better world

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
09 Jun, 2022
Creating life-saving implants and helping launch satellites into space are all in a day’s work for Kurt Schmidt. AUT’s Insight magazine talks to him.

A beacon for human performance

Sport and recreation
09 Jun, 2022
Helping people live longer healthier lives has been a lifelong quest for AUT alumnus and LA native Matt Kritz. AUT’s Insight magazine catches up with him.

Champion for digital transformation

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
09 Jun, 2022
Spearheading the digital transformation at Fresh Direct NZ has cemented Avinash de Silva’s place in the fast-growing IT sector. AUT’s Insight meets him.

The making of a university

09 Jun, 2022
Derek McCormack was one of New Zealand’s longest serving vice-chancellors. AUT’s Insight magazine asked him to reflect on his, and AUT’s, journey.


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