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Brand activism and business success

27 Mar, 2024
Jessica Vredenburg highlights the significance of brand activism, revealing 70% of consumers expect brands to publicly stand for sociopolitical issues.
AUT Lecturer

An academic conference: Swiftposium 2024

Communication studies
12 Feb, 2024
Senior Lecturer Dr Rebecca Trelease (Te Āti Haunui a Pāpārangi) and Lecturer Angela Asuncion will be presenting at the Swiftposium 2024.

Can meditation affect social media use?

28 Sep, 2023
Mindfulness is known to alter our behaviours and responses in the real world, but can it also shape how we use social media? A new study investigates.
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Global accolades, impact for marketers

18 Sep, 2023
A paper co-authored by two AUT Marketing experts has become the most cited article for 2022 in a renowned journal.
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Brand activism requires bravery

18 Jul, 2023
Recently some UK not-for-profits have shifted towards activism-driven campaigns. This shift could mean changes to how they are perceived.
Low-paying workers

Low-paying jobs for some workers

01 May, 2023
New AUT research explores whether low-wage workers can easily transition to better-paying opportunities.
For Richer, for poorer

For richer, for poorer, for less risk

10 Nov, 2022
Married CEOs seem to take fewer risks with their investment decisions and are less likely to bend the rules than their unmarried counterparts.
Son helping young criminal dads

How a son can help young criminal dads

31 Aug, 2022
For both mums and dads, the arrival of a child decreases criminal behaviour. We now find the child’s gender plays a particular role for some fathers.
Costco by Getty Images

Costco will change how Kiwis shop

17 Aug, 2022
Costco will change the way New Zealanders shop. Marketing expert Megan Phillips shares tips for getting the most out of a bulk buy.
Left to right: Linda Tran, Alex Plum, Professor Gail Pacheco.

Covid's impact on Pacific workers

25 Jul, 2022
COVID-19 exacerbated existing disparities between NZ European and Pacific workers - particularly for Pacific women under 30 in Auckland.


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