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AI’s role in recruitment and retention

11 Dec, 2023
Lecturer in AUT’s Business School’s Management Paulette Brazzale questions the role AI plays in recruitment and retention rates.
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When “busyness” is BAU

06 Nov, 2023
Feel like you’re constantly under the pump managing your workload? Kate Kearins and Candice Harris share some valuable tips to survive the busy peaks.
Marsden fund receptionists

Marsden success for AUT

03 Nov, 2023
A range of groundbreaking research projects have received funding in the 2023 Marsden Fund.
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Eke Tangaroa delivers Marsden success

03 Nov, 2023
Two researchers from AUT’s Eke Tangaroa programme have achieved Marsden Fund success, receiving funding in the latest 2023 round.
BEL Talanoa event

Beyond “having a seat at the table”

02 Nov, 2023
“Our voices at the table – A kōrero/talanoa with our peers” explored how Māori and Pacific perspectives are understood and embraced in the corporate world.
(WEB) MBA winning team AUT Business School

AUT MBA students win national Case comp

01 Nov, 2023
Five MBA students took top prize in the inaugural NZ MBA Case Competition, showcasing their problem-solving skills, teamwork, and strategic thinking.
Living sustainably and meaningfully

Living sustainably and meaningfully

31 Oct, 2023
The crisis of sustainability is a crisis of meaning. It is also an opportunity to live more meaningfully, according to AUT Professor Marjo Lips-Wiersma.
Business Research Translation comp wins

Business Research Translation comp wins

19 Oct, 2023
Congratulations to AUT Business School for another outstanding performance at the Aoteaora Business and Economics Research Translation Competition.
Marjo Lips-Wiersma

Green HR can be transformative

16 Oct, 2023
How can organisations meet the expectations of their sustainability-minded employees? Human Resources leaders need to think outside the box.
Candice Harris

Employee value propositions a good start

09 Oct, 2023
Professor of Management Candice Harris shares insights about EVPs and what employers can offer staff to make the most impact.


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