Dr Ramesh Lal

Lecturer – Computer Science

Dr Ramesh Lal

Dr Ramesh Lal looks back at where he has come from and is proud of what he has been able to achieve.

Ramesh had ample tertiary experience when he came to Auckland from Fiji in the early 2000s, but came to further his qualifications and progress his career.

Pursuing his postgraduate study, a Master of Science (Massey University 2004) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Massey University 2010), Ramesh came to AUT as a lecturer in Computer Science in 2012.

Researching agility

Ramesh’s research focuses on agile software development environments.

In a collaboration with others, Ramesh is looking at the way software engineers work with marketing and product teams, to create a more efficient team to design and build the product.

“So sitting within the engineering team, you will find a Product Manager. This role gives the engineers and developers insights into the marketing of the product and gives them direction, because they will know about the business environment and the clients.

“This speeds up so much time, because otherwise all correspondence would be done through documentation which could take months of back and forward.”

Ramesh also has a research collaboration with a lecturer at Massey University, looking at pair programming, and is looking to find more collaborations with past students who are now in the IT industry.

Industry connections

Ramesh keeps his connections with the industry alive as he believes it is necessary to know developments and improvements, so he can then share with his students.

“We have a big connection with industry here at AUT to make sure we are delivering a relevant programme that will help students find work in the industry.”

“The research I do will make things better, it will improve things. I am able to help students through the research I’m doing, just to give them relevant ideas and advice.”

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