Staff benefits

At AUT, we value people and their time because our staff are key to our success. A genuine work/life balance is important, and we’re committed to supporting your professional and personal development.

As an employee at AUT you can expect many benefits and services.

Free study

Our staff can study at AUT without paying tuition fees. This is subject to approval from your manager as it must be work-related and may depend on the hours you work.

Free study doesn’t apply to MBAs, doctorates/PhDs or Faculty of Business, Economics and Law postgraduate programmes.

Funds for professional development and training

We support initiatives including in-house and outsourced training courses and scholarships. You'll also get time and funds for professional development if you're permanent staff or on a fixed-term contract longer than 6 months.

Most academic staff get a sabbatical entitlement.

Flexible working arrangements

We may offer flexible work options where practical:

  • Part time hours
  • Temporary or casual work
  • Flexi time
  • Job sharing
  • Working from home
  • Generous leave allowances

Special leave schemes

Permanent full-time employees can also apply for a special leave scheme where you work for a specific period at 80% pay. You then get a period of paid leave.

These options are ‘Four for five’ (work for 4 years, followed by a year’s leave) and ‘Two for two-and-a-half’ (work for 2 years, followed by 6 months’ leave).

Free AUT gym membership

You can use AUT’s three gyms and fitness centres for free if you’re a permanent member of staff. This includes group fitness classes.

AUT gyms, sport and fitness

Employee assistance programme

All AUT staff can use our employee assistance programme. Staff who have personal issues affecting their work or home life can get counselling sessions through the programme.

Other staff benefits and discounts

AUT staff enjoy lots of other benefits:

  • Banking packages
  • Low premiums on different types of insurance
  • Discounted medical insurance with Southern Cross
  • Free Microsoft Office 365 for home use
  • Discounts from external organisations on other goods and services

Use of AUT's facilities and services

You can also use other AUT facilities and services. Some of these are:

KiwiSaver (voluntary savings scheme)

If you’ve chosen to make KiwiSaver contributions from your pay, AUT will match contributions to 3%.

And if you’re over 65 and have been in KiwiSaver for more than 5 years, we will continue to pay the employer contribution percentage.

KiwiSaver website

Professional development: how we support your achievements

At AUT, we want to be a place where people love to work and learn – so we offer a range of opportunities to help you develop. Our staff can participate in workshops, programmes and events across subjects like public speaking, resilience, leadership and mentoring.