Mahsa Mohaghegh

Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh

Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Founder/Director She#

The challenges computer engineering seeks to address appeal to her nature, says Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh who is a senior lecturer in AUT’s Information Technology and Software Engineering Department.

“By the time I started studying at university, I had developed a significant interest in computer engineering due to its practical and tangible concepts, and its great contribution to technology advancement. When I began my bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, I knew I had made the right decision about my future career.”

Mahsa first experienced teaching at a tertiary level while completing her master’s degree, and being able to share and impart knowledge to others immediately appealed to her. As a woman teaching in a traditionally male-dominated field, she also feels a certain responsibility.

“In my subject area, there are characteristically much fewer women than men, and I enjoy promoting diversity and inclusion in this field, and doing my part for making a positive difference for the future.”

An environment of progress

AUT is a great environment for academic staff, says Mahsa who started as a lecturer at AUT in February 2017 and has since been promoted to senior lecturer.

“I’ve found AUT to be a great environment for teaching, with excellent research opportunities. Staff here are very supportive, and there’s an environment of progress that feels good to be a part of. I particularly appreciate AUT’s dedication to creating an inclusive and diverse environment, and that the University puts students and their experience first.”

She also values AUT’s willingness to embrace new technologies and approaches.

“As someone working in the field of technology, I enjoy AUT’s openness to pioneering the use of new technology and teaching approaches.”

Opportunities to collaborate and network

AUT has a real sense of unity among its staff, schools and faculties, Mahsa says.

“I’ve organised a number of workshops here that involve different faculties and schools, and have found that there’s a willingness to work together and there are numerous collaboration opportunities.”

She appreciates the many networking events staff can participate in.

“AUT is a great hub for the community, hosting and sponsoring a number of excellent events and initiatives external to the University. This provides staff with many opportunities to network and connect with other academics, as well as industry professionals.”