Alan Zhang

Associate Director, Software Development; Information and Communication Technology Services

Alan Zhang is responsible for finding and building the best technology solution for AUT’s many stakeholders.

“My role involves finding solutions to any technical problems related to the University’s software systems. I lead a team of software developers who are creating software applications for AUT’s students, staff and various stakeholders.”

What he loves most about his role is being able to use his skills to meet his clients’ needs, says Alan who has been working for AUT for a decade.

“I love being able to solve any tough technical problems, and seeing my customers happy.”

A new start
Alan’s IT career started when he first arrived in Auckland in 2001, and it began right here at AUT.

“After I moved to New Zealand from China, I enrolled at AUT to study a bachelor’s degree in information technology, which was soon followed by a master’s degree in information systems.”

Like many students, Alan got his first taste of the work environment while he was still at university.

“I tried to obtain IT-related work experience as much as I could while I was studying, and then got my first job as a programmer after I completed my master’s degree.”

Making a difference in a supportive environment
He would highly recommend working at AUT, says Alan.

“Coming to AUT is a no brainer if you want to work in an environment with a great culture, excellent staff support and family friendly arrangements. AUT is a family friendly and supportive workplace, and staff are kind to each other.”

Working in education is also a great way to make a difference, he adds.

“As part of the AUT’s Information and Communication Technology team, we can make a contribution for the education community by supporting thousands of students. I enjoy working here.”