Nukutau (Nuks) Pokura

Nukutau (Nuks) Pokura

Master of Business in International Business student
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

With a background in international relations, studying the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies  was an obvious choice for Cook Islander Nukutau (Nuks) Pokura.

“I had past work and volunteering experience in international relations and negotiation but never had the backing of academic knowledge and skills. I had always learnt on the job. That was what drew me towards the international studies programme. I also decided to add a minor in psychology as I had previously completed some psychology courses at another university.”

She says she had plenty of highlights throughout her Bachelor of Arts.

“I enjoyed learning from my lecturers the most. Their wealth of knowledge and experience is so extensive and they’re so selfless to impart this to their students. They were very helpful and approachable whenever I needed advice on my assignments or general learning experience. I also enjoyed making new friends. As a mature student in my field of study, there were a lot more younger students, so most of my new friends were younger but they were very inspirational.

“One thing I’m particularly proud of is receiving a certificate of distinction for being part of a small group of AUT students that participated in the inaugural Collaborative Online International Learning (C.O.I.L) programme between AUT, the Amsterdam University of Applied Science and Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego in Warsaw, Poland.”

Finding her way to AUT
As much as she has been enjoying her studies at AUT, Nuks admits that initially she had her heart set on a different university.

“When I was in the Cook Islands, I saw a lot of promotion for another New Zealand university, but when I was on a summer break here in Auckland, I went through a harrowing experience trying to enrol at that university. A few of my family members recommended I look elsewhere, and so I looked at AUT.

“I then went through the application process at AUT and found the experience to be one of the best, as it was so user-friendly and all online. Within a week of my application being received and processed, I was offered a place and so began my learning journey at and with AUT.”

She says she has been recommending AUT ever since.

“I’ve been recommending AUT to my family, friends and workmates whenever I get the opportunity to. There are many reasons for this, including the teaching and support staff, the study support and programmes like the Employability Lab and AUT Edge Award, and the fact the programme is so relevant and current. I also enjoy the campuses with their facilities and connectivity. The library is the best and there are lots of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities like the basketball team or the gym.”

Taking on postgraduate study
After completing her Bachelor of Arts in mid-2022, Nuks decided to remain at AUT and is now enrolled in a Master of Business in International Business.

“I absolutely enjoyed my undergraduate experience and learning became my muse, so I wanted to ride that wave to see how far I would go while I had the time and opportunity to do so.  AUT provided me with the best course counselling and advice in preparation for postgraduate study.

“Another factor was that my foundation was already established – I have accommodation with my family, knew that AUT is my university of choice, and have the funds to support ongoing study as well as the moral support from my family and friends here in New Zealand and back in the Cook Islands.”

Her plan is to enjoy the postgraduate journey.

“My plan is to continue studying at postgraduate level and to conduct meaningful research. Since I’ve had 20 years of work experience, I’m not in a rush to get back into the workforce just yet. However, when opportunities arise and present themselves to me, I will pursue them. I’m a firm believer in optimising my experience by using any opportunity given or discovered.”