Mengqiao (Mina) Wu

Mengqiao (Mina) Wu

Master of Construction Management student

Being involved in project management in the construction industry inspired her to further her skills and enrol in a Master of Construction Management, says Mengqiao (Mina) Wu.

“As a person with a few years of experience in management, I’d proudly consider myself an office management expert who excels in dealing with paperwork, multitasking and coordination. After I entered the construction industry in 2019, I took charge of the project management of small-scale development projects of my company. While I had the chance to learn through practice, I didn’t feel that was enough.

“I decided to enrol in AUT’s Master of Construction Management as it was time for me to enhance my knowledge of the construction industry inside and outside of New Zealand. I knew this programme would enable me to work more efficiently on my future daily construction project management tasks, and feel prepared to deal with bigger scale and more complicated projects.”

Deciding where to study was easy for Mina.

“Everyone knows that AUT is one of the best universities in New Zealand; famous for its dynamic study atmosphere. It’s a relatively young university but growing very fast. In this ever-changing world, choosing a university that owns its unique modern and innovative spirit is always the right choice. I also appreciated that my programme is based in Auckland’s City Centre, which is convenient for me to get to.”

A holistic view
She would highly recommend the Master of Construction Management to other students, Mina says.

“The programme offers a holistic insight of the current construction industry and the built environment, enabling students who want to strengthen their career in construction to explore this industry more deeply, and gain valuable resources and tools for their future career. AUT has run the construction management programme for a number of years and the degree is one of the best options for people looking for further study in construction project management.”

The academic staff have been one of the highlights of her time at AUT, says Mina who is proud of the A grade average she has achieved despite the demands of juggling study and her work.

“In my lecturers’ classes I’ve not only been able to learn professional construction management knowledge, but have also been inspired by the way they guide us to think, to explore and to research. One of the most memorable classes for me was Dr Jeff Seadon’s course on advanced built environment, which made me realise the significant impact waste has on the environment and cities around the world. This sparked my passion for this area and inspired me to undertake my research project focusing on implementing the Zero Waste Strategy globally.”

Advice for other students
Mina, who expects to complete her degree in 2022, has some great advice for other students.

“Whether you are an international or a domestic student, if you’re thinking about choosing a university to study in New Zealand, I would recommend putting AUT on your priority list. It’s a university with innovation, good academic staff and great facilities; offering students a smooth and pleasant university journey.”

Her other piece of advice is to access all the resources available to AUT students.

“Do make full use of the university’s resources when you start your own study exploration, including the library, the helpful academic staff and the campus facilities. Stay in close contact with your lecturers and supervisors when doing your research, and ask for their advice at every key stage to make sure you’re always on the right track. I would also say that it’s always better to start working on your assignments earlier rather than later.”

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