Bailey Palala

Bailey Palala

Mai Hot 20 Announcer, Mai FM/Mediaworks
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Radio

He loves his job, says Bailey Palala who studied a Bachelor of Communication Studies in Radio and is now the announcer for Mai FM’s Mai Hot 20.

“I’m responsible for planning, programming and presenting the Mai FM night show from 7pm to midnight. I love supporting local up and coming artists and having a laugh with our listeners every night. The free stuff you get is of course a bonus too.

“My time at AUT has given me a wide range of skills to be a multi-dimensional host. Not only can I host a show, but I’ve been a producer, promo assistant and production assistant thanks to the skills I learned at AUT. This will help with having longevity in the radio industry.”

Choosing AUT
Being a radio presenter has always been his dream job, says Bailey who is of Niuean, Samoan and Tongan descent.

“I chose AUT because it offered the opportunity to learn about my dream job of being a radio presenter, and I knew a Bachelor of Communication Studies could help me achieve this dream.”

He still has fond memories of his time at AUT.

“I loved studying radio at AUT because not only did it teach me about the radio industry but also helped me build connections with people I now work with every day. My personal highlight was in my third year when we got to be hands-on with our student radio station, Static 88.1.

“I also still remember one of my lecturers saying, ‘The best ideas are the worst ideas; they’re just planned very well’. I use this motto every day in my work when I create content for my show.”

Advice for other students
Bailey – who graduated from AUT at the end of 2019 – has some great advice for other students who are dreaming of a career in radio.

“My advice is to take every opportunity you can and give it your best shot.”

Remember to have fun, he adds.

“Be yourself and don’t forget to have fun. Cheesy I know, but what’s the point of doing radio unless you're having fun?”