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A force behind high-performance sport

Sport and recreation
17 Apr, 2024
With 100 days until the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, AUT is recognising the many people connected to the University who are supporting NZ’s top athletes.
Pregnant runner

Pregnant runners' pain varies

Sport and recreation
15 Apr, 2024
A new study has found key differences in the pain of pregnant runners, depending on whether they’ve previously had children.
QS badge for AUT sport and rec

AUT remains a leading NZ sports uni

Sport and recreation
11 Apr, 2024
AUT has retained its position as one of the world’s leading sports universities in the latest international academic rankings.
An athlete using the Hawkin TruStrength dynamometer developed by AUT Professor John Cronin

AUT sells sports technology overseas

Sport and recreation
14 Mar, 2024
Two sports tech inventions developed by AUT’s School of Sport and Recreation have just been launched internationally.
Breakfast of Champions

Champions Breakfast at AUT Millennium

Sport and recreation
12 Mar, 2024
Elite athletes shared their inspirational stories at a Champions Breakfast at AUT Millennium last week, in advance of the Paris Olympics.
AUT Staff

AUT Tech to be used at Manu Championship

Sport and recreation
14 Dec, 2023
In January the Manu World Championships will introduce new AUT developed technology to make for a better competition.
AUT Student

Are super shoes key to winning the race?

Sport and recreation
14 Dec, 2023
Super shoes, aka carbon shoes have sparked conversations around whether they should be banned by World Athletics in marathons.
Marsden fund receptionists

Marsden success for AUT

03 Nov, 2023
A range of groundbreaking research projects have received funding in the 2023 Marsden Fund.
AUT celebrates one year until Paris 2024

AUT celebrates one year until Paris 2024

Sport and recreation
28 Jul, 2023
To celebrate the ‘one year until Paris 2024’ milestone this week AUT is proud to acknowledge students and alumni who are Olympic and Paralympic contenders.
Right response to on-field racism

Right response to on-field racism

Sport and recreation
22 Jun, 2023
AUT sports lecturer Dr Dion Enari who has researched racism in sport said the All White’s display of solidarity against racism was "heart warming".


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