Māori Multimedia

Māori partcipation in innovative technologies has been historical. Māori are at the cutting edge to connectivity and communication with the rapid growth of global internet and multimedia communication platforms.

The multimedia content being produced by Te Ara Poutama for technological developments in iPod technology and video internet broadcasting allows te reo Māori to be delivered on a variety of multimedia platforms such as itouch, itunes and the internet. This supports the growth of access and support networks for te reo Māori as well as building on new innovative multimedia technologies.

Research active staff:

Maree Sheehan is currently doing research in the area of internet protocol television (IPTV) and future broadcasting platforms for Māori development for her Master of Arts thesis at Te Ara Poutama.

Research and Supervisory Interests include:

Information Technology systems for Māori with a special interest in looking at new forms of broadcasting, IPTV, content and copyright for Māori; song writing, musical and lyrical creativity and the use of instrumentation with technology.