Natalie Tsoi

Natalie Tsoi

Senior Waitress, Depot Oyster Bar and Eatery
Bachelor of International Hospitality Management in Accommodation

She decided to study hospitality because she loves interacting with different people, says Natalie Tsoi who came to AUT to study a Bachelor of International Hospitality Management.

“I’ve worked in the hospitality industry since I was 16 and have always enjoyed being part of it. I decided to study hospitality because I believe this degree can help me pave my way through my journey in this industry. AUT is one of the only universities in Auckland that provides a bachelor’s degree for hospitality management, which is why I decided to study at AUT.”

Throughout her studies she has had a number of highlights.

“I did my final-year workplace experience as a guest service representative, which enabled me to look into what working in the hotel industry is like. The rotating shifts took a toll on me, but that is what working in a hotel is like. I loved meeting people from around the world, especially as my placement was when New Zealand re-opened its borders for travellers. I enjoyed my small talks with guests at the hotel reception when they shared their journey and stories about themselves.

“Another highlight for me was being asked to be the student speaker at my AUT graduation. It was an honour to have been picked and an experience I’ll never forget. To be honest, I was quite shocked when the graduation team reached out to me but I’m glad I took up the opportunity. My parents were very happy to see me speaking on stage.”

Feeling accomplished and happy
After completing her AUT hospitality degree, Natalie now works as a senior waitress at Depot Oyster Bar and Eatery.

“I’m responsible for taking care of customers, running food and helping my co-workers to ensure they’re coping with work.”

It's a role she is thoroughly enjoying.

“I love working at Depot because of the people I’m surrounded by. It’s a fast-paced restaurant and my adrenaline runs wild on a busy night. It makes me feel accomplished and happy knowing that my customers had a good night and that my co-workers had fun as well.”

Advice for other students
Natalie, who graduated from AUT in March 2023, has some great advice for other students.

“Time management is so important and, I know it’s hard, but try not to procrastinate. I usually tried to finalise my assignments two days before the actual due date. That will help you stay on top of other assignments you have to work on at the same time.”

Make the most of the support available to you, she adds.

“AUT provides great support and resources for students, so use them as much as you can. The lecturers are here to help you achieve in class, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. It also allows you to bond with them.”

*The Accommodation major has been replaced by the new Hospitality Enterprise and Hospitality Management majors.