Design Your Life 2.0 Bright Side programme

This two-day programme is a deep dive into design thinking ideation towards achieving a life of purpose and fulfilment, where skills, values and ambitions are examined and pathway vision maps are created.

The programme is free for all AUT students.

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What you'll gain

  • An in-depth understanding of your values and purpose in life
  • A strong understanding of your skills, capabilities and career needs
  • An awareness of strategies to overcome your self-limiting beliefs
  • Tools to create pathways and make decisions that align with your dream life
  • Confidence in your ability to make decisions aligning with your personal qualities and capabilities

2024 Semester 1 dates and times

Programme sessions will be held at AUT’s City Campus on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 7 May, 10am – 2pm
  • Wednesday 8 May, 10am – 2pm

A momentum meeting will be held at AUT’s City Campus on the following date:

  • Wednesday 15 May 10am – 12pm

Ready to join Bright Side’s Design Your Life 2.0 programme? Apply today – it’s easy! Submit your application before 5pm, Monday 29 April. Contact if you have any questions.

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Programme guides

Melissa Jenner, Founder of START Now and certified Design Your Life coach will be facilitating DYL 2.0. Check out the Bright Side guides and the Design Your Life programme to learn more about Melissa.

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To apply for the programme, you must be:

  • An AUT student in New Zealand, studying a degree level programme, part-time or full-time.
  • Able to commit to all programme dates.
  • Able to go through a selection process to participate.

If you have questions about the programme or your eligibility, email us.

Information video

Should your application be successful, you'll be emailed a short introductory video on what to expect from Bright Side and the programme. It's important that you watch this to gauge whether you want to follow through with the sessions.

Spaces on the programme are limited and not all applicants will be selected, but there will be a waiting list for future programmes.

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