The Accelerator - Workshop Overview

All workshops held in room 101 co-working space in the WB building, AUT City Campus:

Stage 2 The Accelerator Info session- Thurs 31st Aug, 5.30pm (1h)

Networking session- Tue 5th Sept, 1pm-2pm (1h)

  • Learn how to build a diverse team and meet with others who could join your team to strengthen your application for Stage 2
  • Find out more

Workshop 1: Market analysis and competitor analysis- Wed 6th Sept, 12noon (30min-1h)

  • Learn which resources and tools you can use to get better insights about your market, e.g. google trends, industry reports, Statistics NZ, library
  • Find out more

Workshop 2: Your customer- Tue 12th Sept, 12noon & Thurs 14th Sept, 5.30pm (45min-1h)

Workshop 3: Your solution - Mon 18th Sept, 12noon & Thurs 21st Sept, 5.30pm   (40min-1h)

Workshop 4: Prototyping - We 20th Sept, 12noon (40min-1h)

  • Learn what a minimum viable product is and get to know tools and resources to help you create it.
  • Find out more

Workshop 5: Messaging, marketing & milestones- Tues 26th, 12noon & Thurs 28th, 5.30pm (40min-1h)

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