Stage 1 Winners – X Challenge

Congratulations to all the X Challenge winners!!

We had a total of 136 entries from 14 different study areas across the university. Thank you to all the participants, we will be sending an email about the next steps very soon.

Look out for Stage 2 being announced shortly.


Amanda Brown
Doodle Dolls
Amritpal Kaur ChatGrow
Amy Her-lee Chubbis character brand
Annaliese Riley The Laundromat
Bernard Fong Medical Tourism Promotion Using Business Intelligence
Bryan Norman Mauff The PEG
Casey Louise Flint Strong Like Her
Catia Batalha Yoga Psychotherapy
Christopher Gundler AI-based advancement of Clapperboards
Dayna Jackson Twenty Eight
Elspeth Carroll TÄkawa
Grehta Davis Art/Knit
Harindu Tillekeratne Easily accessible Business Analytics Web application for Small Businesses
Jana Robinson Forgotten Feathers
Lei Qui   
Digital Maps using AR and GPS.
Luis Alonso Sandoval Gomez Blue Meadows
Marcus Antony Mackenzie Trans Mentorship
Mark John Price Parcelbox
Michelle Young The Grad Box
Mohamed Soliman Memory gym
Money Singh UNIX
Natassja The Ven Project
Nicole Sara McGill Adventure Therapy
Philip Wong Affordable, High-Speed and Reliable Underwater Communication Device
Pouarii Tanner PaknSave shopping app
Reza Nemati Nitrogen evaporator
Robert Kwok Bring That Band
Stacie Shin Smart Shopper's Screen
Suzanne Suisuiki Nikson Lavi Joyce
Tania Bristow Te Raupua Fashionz
Tanya Bhatia Fun Terrain
Tyler Jordan Lewis Proteanz
Van Dai Tran
eTendering Platform for NZ Construction


Rachel Nicole Cooper Life Hacks

Unbounded Environmental Consultancy
Moon Ho Jung Stork Baby Product Deliveries Limited

Baby Cafe


Claudine Nalesu Spark-e
  Sp ce

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