Students in the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Network

Our students are studying in the TBI and concussion field at master's or doctoral level. They are listed here by area of research approach.


  • Jules Lough (AUT): Awareness of concussion in Children engaged in Equestrian Activities
  • Amanda Parish (AUT) Awareness and health care seeking post-concussion in cyclists

Assessment and diagnosis

  • Nusrat Sheikh (AUT): Measuring community integration following TBI
  • Nat Hardaker (AUT): The impact of the female athlete’s sex hormones on sports-related mTBI
  • Rebecca Allenby (University of Waikato): Evaluation of neuropsychologist approaches to testing performance validity in ACC cases of TBI
  • Anna Keyter (AUT): Symptom validity reporting after mTBI
  • Enora Le Flao(AUT): Validation of the CSx instrumented mouthguards to enable measurement of in-vivo head impact biomechanics in rugby
  • Zabe Liddicoat (University of Waikato): Who should we listen to? Comparing parent and child report of post-concussive symptom

Treatment and rehabilitation

  • Tracey Mitchell (AUT): Understanding and managing TBI in an adult male correctional facility
  • Josh McGeown (AUT): Optimisation of mTBI symptom assessment and rehabilitation strategies

Prediction of recovery

  • Renata Gottgtroy (AUT): Artificial Intelligence use for predicting brain health
  • Paul Goodman (AUT): Rehabilitation from concussion using strength and conditioning practitioners
  • Ronda Smale (University of Waikato):  Pre-morbid depression and anxiety as predictors of post-concussion symptom recovery in children and adolescents

Impact and outcomes

  • Ian Entwhistle (Durham University) UK Brain Health study
  • Therese Mulligan: Five year outcomes of young adults aged 10-15 at time of initial TBI injury
  • Rebecca Leidig (University of Waikato): Longer term outcomes and predictors of mood disorders after TBI
  • Therese Mulligan (University of Auckland): Five-year outcomes of young adults aged 10-15 at the time of initial injury
  • Brittney Duffy (University of Waikato): Subjective Cognitive Complaints 8 Years After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Kerryn Treanor (University of Waikato):  Gender differences in executive function seven years after pediatric mild TBI

Study with the TBI Network

We are keen to supervise postgrad students who want to study in the TBI and concussion field at master's or doctoral level. Our supervisors are experienced in a range of related fields and scholarships are available.

Current students

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Students at the TBI Network