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Fault lines: Human rights in New Zealand

Fault Lines. Released: 1 April 2015

A report by Professor Judy McGregor on the status of human rights in New Zealand says serious fault lines are developing and that the country’s reputation as a global leader is at risk.

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Summary of recommendations
2. Civil and political rights
3. Economic, social and cultural rights
4. Race relations
5. Women's rights
6. Children's rights
7. Rights of disabled people
8. The Universal Periodic Review
10. Conclusions

Supercity? — The State of Auckland Report

The State of Auckland Report, published in August 2013, provides an objective and authoritative reflection on performance of the Auckland SuperCity since its formation in November 2010.

This report examines various areas of living in Auckland; its people and communities, democratic participation, the economy, the state of the built and natural environment, transport and other infrastructure, public services, confidence in Auckland's regional and local governance and value for money.

Further reports pertaining to the analysis of Auckland as a "SuperCity" can be found on the Supercity? project website.

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