Practical Innovation and Entrepreneurship short course

Practical Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a 12-module programme that takes aspiring entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers with a big idea, to a new level of skill, knowledge and mindset.

The programme offers a hands-on experience with the resources, mentors and support needed to hone and polish your business idea, and to determine if it’s viable, sustainable, profitable – and enjoyable.

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Timetable: Semester 2, starting online 18 August 2020

Online classes
Tuesdays, 12.30pm
18 August to 20 October 2020

7 - 18 September mid-semester break (no classes)

Two-day masterclass
5 to 6 September 2020

You can attend the masterclass virtually, but we recommend you attend in-person where possible for the greatest benefit.

Dragons' Den
Saturday 24 October 2020

Please note dates for the masterclass weekend and Dragons' Den may be subject to change, but you will be well informed if they do.

Timetable: Semester 1, starting online 23 February 2021

Online classes
Tuesdays, 10am
23 February to 8 June 2021

There will be no classes over Easter (2-6 April) and the mid-semester break (12-23 April)

Two-day masterclass
1 - 2 May 2021

You can attend virtually but we recommend you attend in-person.

Dragons' Den
Saturday 12 June 2021

Please note dates for the masterclass weekend and Dragons' Den may be subject to change, but you will be well informed if they do.

How to apply

When you apply, choose the form  'Apply online for a single paper (apply for a Certificate of Proficiency)'

Paper code: ENTR570

Paper overview

Do you have a business idea, want to get it to market and make an impact in the world, while being guided real-time by experts in the world of business and entrepreneurship? This inspiring programme is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs of any age and from anywhere, who are looking to launch a new product or service, or develop an existing one.

Whether you are brand new to business or established and ready to grow, this is your ideal launch platform for getting yourself into action while being supported, so you can be doing what fuels you.

Participants work with mentors and experts to develop a business idea through a 12-step curriculum based on the Periodic Table of Innovation from a concept through to communications and promotional activity.

Participants take the class online, with weekly one-hour mastermind calls to support you through the modules as well as a live Dragons' Den at the University to showcase your business plan to business experts and investors at the conclusion of the paper.

About Mike Hutcheson and Catherine Newton

Practical Innovation and Entrepreneurship is led by Mike Hutcheson, ex Managing Director of Saatchi and Saatchi and currently Adjunct Professor at AUT, as well as Catherine Newton, Innovation and Entrepreneurship lecturer at AUT and founder of

Mike Hutcheson and Catherine Newton have killer track records helping businesses achieve real results. Their inspiring stories and grounded direction have helped hundreds discover how to take their mindset, skillset and innovation strategies to a whole new level. Now it’s your turn.

Prerequisites to study this paper

Level 5 for AUT students.

Available to non-AUT students, by approval. Call Catherine on 021 360 891 to discuss.

For further enquiries

Catherine Newton

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