Technical support staff

Saeedeh Sadooghy-Saraby

Saeedeh Sadooghy-Saraby
Food Science Laboratory Officer

Saeedeh holds a Bachelor of Chemistry from Iran, Bachelor of Food Science and Master of Food Chemistry from AUT. Her MSc thesis was on “Assessment of the entrapment of free fatty acids in goat milk by β-cyclodextrin and reduction of goaty flavour”.

Saeedeh is currently working as a food science officer at AUT. Her responsibilities include providing technical support for research students, equipment maintenance and troubleshooting for all laboratory issues. She has previously worked as a quality control officer in Iran, and as a Food Microbiologist at ESR laboratory.

Adrian Owens

Adrian Owens
Food Science Research Technician

Adrian holds a Bachelor of Science in chemistry and a Master of Science specialising in physical and organic chemistry from the University of Waikato.

Adrian is a food science research technician at AUT assisting students in the acquisition of data for their research projects from an array of available analytical instrumentation, for example:

  • Texture analyser (TA.XTPlus)
  • SOXTHERM (SOX406) for total fat analysis
  • Kjeldahl (VAPOEST 450) for total protein analysis
  • GC-FID
  • GC-MS
  • NMR (Bruker 400 MHz)
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