Research expertise in language and culture

There is a great depth and range of research expertise in the School of Language and Culture at AUT University.

Associate Professor Sharon Harvey

Sharon. Head of School of Language and Culture; Deputy Dean (Research), Faculty of Culture and Society

Languages Education, Language Teacher Development, Curriculum Studies, Refugee and Migrant Studies, Intercultural Competency, Language Policy and Planning, Discourse Analysis, Research and Science Policy, Policy Analysis, Philosophy of Education, Poststructuralism, Ethnography.

Professor John Bitchener

John. Professor of Applied Linguistics

Second language acquisition/learning; second language development; written corrective feedback; feedback on academic genres; effective supervisor feedback.

Professor Allan Bell

Allen. Professor of Language and Communication, Director of the Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication (ICDC)

Discourse analysis of biblical texts, social and linguistic aspects of the Internet, stylisation in mass communication, language and identity, sociolinguistic and communication theory, science communication, multilingualism in New Zealand.

Associate Professor Pat Strauss

Pat. Associate Professor, Programme Leader

Academic literacies; issues of agency and identity; group assessment; postgraduate supervision and teaching; academic language support; issues and challenges of international students; vocational and academic literacies at postgraduate level; bridging and foundation studies programmes.

Associate Professor Ineke Crezee

Ineke. Translation and Interpreting

Research expertise: Health translation/interpreting; translation/interpreting pedagogies; corpus-based translation; bilingualism in migrant settings; language attrition, shift and reversion; literary translation; interpreting idiomatic language.

Dr Paul Mountfort

Paul. Programme Leader; Studies and Chair, Centre for Creative Writing

Popular genres, transmedia storytelling, visual language, new media and learning, hypermedia, digital literacies, ecological literacies.

Dr Lynn Grant

Lynn. Senior Lecturer (above the bar)

Corpus linguistics, idiomatic and figurative vocabulary, spoken academic discourse, metaphors.

Dr Philippa Smith

Philippa. Research manager Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication; Senior Lecturer

Discourse analysis, critical discourse analysis, media, new media, language and communication, identity construction and representation.

Dr Junji Kawai

Junji. Senior Lecturer in Japanese

Phonology, optimality theory, casual speech phenomena, Japanese language education.

Dr George Major

George. Lecturer, Programme Leader NZSL and Deaf Studies; NZSL-English Interpreting

Translation and Interpreting The pragmatics of group communication and management.

Dr Irmengard Wohlfart

Irmengard. Senior Lecturer in Translation and Interpreting

Academic writing; translation; intercultural competence; immigrant integration; bilingualism and intergenerational language transfer; translation.

Susan Y. H. Sun

Graeme. Senior Lecturer

Design for language learning, Design for CALL / CALL Design, Technology-enhanced language learning, Student configuration, Student place-making, Design patterns and pattern language.

Dr Graeme Couper

Graeme. Senior Lecturer

Second language learning and teaching, pronunciation learning and teaching, teacher cognition of pronunciation teaching, classroom-based research, cognitive phonology applied to the classroom, classroom implications of usage based theories of language, new migrant issues.

Maria Hayward

Maria. Manager, Centre for Refugee Education

Refugee resettlement, refugee education, on-arrival programmes, refugee–centred approaches.

Poetry, short fiction, long fiction, the novel, creative nonfiction, memoir, New Zealand literature, women's fiction and the essay.

Siobhan Harvey

Siobhan. Lecturer

Poetry, short fiction, long fiction, the novel, creative nonfiction, memoir, New Zealand literature, women's fiction and the essay.

Helen Cartner

Helen. Senior Lecturer

Language teacher education; Social media and, education; Listening as an academic skill.

Dr Darryl Hocking

Darryl. Senior Lecturer

Discourse analysis (multi-perspectival and mixed methodological approaches), communication in art and design education, exegetical writing for creative practice, academic literacies and English for academic purposes, genre analysis, corpus analysis, metaphor analysis

Clare Conway

Clare. Senior Lecturer; Programme Co-ordinator

Language teacher education; intercultural language teaching; reflective practice

Denise Cameron

Denise. Senior Lecturer

Feedback on error. Individual differences in EAL learning – e.g. motivation, willingness to communicate.

Dr Elizabeth Turner

Elizabeth. Senior Lecturer

Mikhail Bakhtin's theories of dialogism, language and discourse; discourse and genre analysis; critical cultural analysis and the construction of social commentary, protest and resistance in popular song lyrics; academic and research writing; academic literacies; the cultural and literacy demands of university assessments.

Dallas Nesbitt

Dallas. Senior Lecturer in Japanese

Japanese language, Katakana, Kanji, CALL, Learning strategy use.

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