Doctoral research (language and culture)

This page outlines both current and former doctoral students and their research topics in the School of Language and Culture.

Current doctoral research in the School of Language and Culture

Doctoral student
Research title
Primary supervisor
Thu Hien Nguyen
Foreign media and their impact on a country’s reputation – Vietnam as a case study
Isaac Waetford
From Waka to Space Waka: Pacific Literature and Indigenous Futurism
Anne Bradley
Waiotapu: Immigrant engagement with indigenous culture
Rami Alalawneh
Critical Discourse Study of Sawaleif Satirical Articles
Aquilina Mawadza
Beyond Words: Older African refugees and immigrants lived experiences with health, well being, and the New Zealand health care system.
Anh Dinh
A critical exploration of complex inter-relationships between teachers, students and wider socio-historical and socio-cultural contexts in pronunciation courses at Vietnamese tertiary level: Teacher cognition and Pedagogical practices
Siobhan Harvey
An Empty House
Lynnie Ann Deocampo
Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education and the National Language Policy: The Case of a Linguistically Diverse Classroom in Mindanao, Philippines
Mary Wilkins
Under a Lonely Sky: Fictional Representations of Mental Illness in Literature

Graduated doctoral students and research

Below is a selection of doctoral graduates from the School of Language and Culture and the research they undertook.

Doctoral student
Research title
Primary supervisor
Alwin Aguirre
Negotiating the Filipino in Cyberspace: New Zealand-based Filipinos' Identity Construction in Social Media
Professor Allan Bell
Dusadee Smith
Adjustment experiences of Non-Indigenous Language Learners Studying a Second Language in a Different Country: A Case Study of Chinese Non-Indigenous Thai Learners at Mahasarakham University, Thailand
Professor John Bitchener
Elizabeth Turner
What's Be Happen: the lyrical constitution of protest and social commentary in New Zealand
Haoda Feng
A Corpus-Driven Study of Chinese Translators' Use of English Collocations in Commercial Chinese to English Translation
Associate Professor Ineke Crezee
Heather Meyer
Unilateral conversations: the role of marked sentence initial elements in academic writing
Professor John Bitchener
Ineke Crezee
I understand it well but I cannot say it proper back: Language use among older Dutch immigrants in Auckland
Professor Allan Bell
Irmengard Wohlfart
German speakers' migration to New Zealand: Consequences across three generations
Associate Professor Ineke Crezee
Mark Frear
The effects of cognitive task complexity on writing
Professor John Bitchener
Nancy Tarawhiti
The effects of a strategies instructional approach on second language writing difficulties and quality text construction.
Professor John Bitchener
Philippa Smith
New Zealanders on the Net: Discourses of National Identities in Cyberspace
Professor Allan Bell
Qi Guo
The Extent to Which WCF (Written Corrective Feedback) Facilitates EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Students' Acquisition of Grammar.
Professor John Bitchener
Rod Fee
The Assault on Mount B: Understanding the role of story in self-delusion in our personal histories
Ruth Thomas
The Making of a Journalist: The New Zealand Way
Professor Allan Bell
Stephanie Rummel
Student and Teacher Beliefs about Written CF and the Effect those Beliefs have on Uptake: A Multiple Case Study of Laos and Kuwait
Professor John Bitchener
Saeed Roshan
Written Corrective Feedback, Individual Differences, and L2 acquisition of English passive voice
Professor John Bitchener
Su Li
Comprehensive Written Corrective Feedback, L2 Writing Accuracy and L2 Proficiency
Professor John Bitchener
Thi Hang Nguyen
Vietnamese university EFL teachers' code-switching in classroom instruction
Professor Allan Bell
Thi Thu Trinh Vu
Developing EFL teacher training for public primary schools in Vietnam: A critical ethnography.
Zana Bell
Hollows Left Behind: A Women's 'biography' of Zimbabwe/Rhodesia
Zhi Quan
Using Multi-annotated Corpora for teaching grammar to intermediate-level learners
Dr Lynn Grant and Dr Darryl Hocking (co-supervisors)
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