Doctoral research (language and culture)

This page outlines both current and former doctoral students and topics in the School of Language and Culture.

Graduated doctoral students and research

Below is a selection of doctoral graduates from the School of Language and Culture and the research they undertook.

Doctoral student
Research title
Primary supervisor
Nancy Tarawhiti
The effects of a strategies instructional approach on second language writing difficulties and quality text construction.
Qi Guo
The Extent to Which WCF (Written Corrective Feedback) Facilitates EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Students' Acquisition of Grammar.
Su Li
Comprehensive Written Corrective Feedback, L2 Writing Accuracy and L2 Proficiency
Thi Thu Trinh Vu
Developing EFL teacher training for public primary schools in Vietnam: A critical ethnography.
Zhi Quan
Using Multi-annotated Corpora for teaching grammar to intermediate-level learners
Dr Lynn Grant and Dr Darryl Hocking (co-supervisors)

Current doctoral research in the School of Language and Culture

Doctoral student
Research title
Primary supervisor
Ahmed Junina
An investigation of the impact of undergraduate Arabic-speaking students' expectations and assumptions about academic writing on their English writing proficiency
Associate Professor Pat Strauss
Alena Shannaq
Learners' Perceptions of Academic Writing Genres During their First Year of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor Pat Strauss and Dr Darryl Hocking (co-supervisors)
Anh Dinh
Teacher Cognition and Learner Perception on Pronunciation Teaching Practice in Vietnam
Aquilina Mawadza
Healthcare interpreting in a refugee context: A study of African refugees and immigrants in New Zealand
Thu Hien Nguyen
Foreign media and their impact on a country’s reputation: Vietnam – a case study
Chien-Ju Ting
A Critical Discourse Analysis of Indigenous Language Revitalization Policies in Taiwan
Chongshun Bai
Intercultural Pragmatics of Chinese-to-English tourist text translation in Mainland China: Yunnan Province as a case
Associate Professor Ineke Crezee
Denise Cameron
An investigation into the dynamic nature of the willingness to communicate (WTC) of Iranian migrant learners of English in New Zealand
Forough Amin
An Investigation of Media Discourse on Iran's Nuclear Program: The Case of Opinion Articles in the International News Media
James George
Two Rivers
Jebunnesa Jeba
A study of academic, social, and cultural experiences of Indian postgraduate students studying in New Zealand
Leo Hitchcock
Learning Intercultural Competence: A study of the experiences of cultural immersion study abroad sojourners
Maedeh Tadayyon
Comparing Iran's EFL and New Zealand ESL contexts with regard to Interactional Feedback
Maria Ahmad
Learning culture challenges faced by postgraduate Indian and Pakistani students in New Zealand universities
Associate Professor Pat Strauss
Md. Sorowar Chowdhury
How do school curricula and state education policies affect the learning outcomes for refugee students aged 10 to 17? The case of young Rohingya refugees in New Zealand and Australia
Mohamadreza Jafary
Efficacy of Negotiated Feedback on Bilingual Students’ Postgraduate Academic Writing
Nanyue Xie
Assessing Health Literacy: A case study of Chinese English Bilingual Adults in New Zealand
Dr Lynn Grant and Associate Professor Ineke Crezee
Pramod Kumar Sah
An Ethnographic Investigation into the implementation of English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) policy in public schools in Nepal
Rohan Willis
Cross-Cultural Experiences of Bilingual Bicultural ESOL Teachers: A Phenomenonological Investigation of Self-Identity
Dr Irmengard Wohlfart
Salma Felimban
Cultural Specific aspects in the English to Arabic Translation of Medical Texts
Associate Professor Ineke Crezee
Samira Yadollahi Kakh
Addressing the issue of plagiarism in academic writing among non-native postgraduate students
Sedigheh Abbasnasab
Investigating Non-native Graduate Students' Engagement with Supervisors' Written Corrective Feedback on Drafts of Thesis/Dissertation
Seyedeh Rafiei
The Role of Corrective Feedback in Different Social Contexts and its Effectiveness on L2 Development
Siobhan Harvey
The Pocket Atlas of Personal Belonging
Xiaoyun Bian
Focused on content: Effects of teacher feedback
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